international lawWe understand the competitive global marketplace requires us to provide timely and cost-effective legal solutions that give our clients a piece of mind as they navigate and capitalize on new markets abroad.  Our firm’s boutique structure and our strong commitment to our clients make us a natural choice for companies doing business abroad; our clients have learned to rely on us as an intimate partner in their foreign ventures.  Accordingly, we’ve counseled our clients on a plethora of international legal issues, including contract negotiations and compliance with government regulations.

Our international legal services include:

  • International Business Consulting – counseling U.S. businesses on legal issues arising from doing business in foreign countries
  • Foreign Business Consulting – counseling non-U.S. businesses on doing business in the U.S.
  • NAFTA consulting, arbitration, and dispute resolution
  • International litigation in United States courts
  • Representation in arbitration and mediation of international disputes
  • Enforcement of international arbitral awards and judgments
  • U.S. import/export law and export assistance
  • Dumping of foreign goods and unfair subsidies

In addition, our clients have actively sought our assistance in resolving international disputes, enforcing arbitration clauses and protecting their intellectual property rights. We are able to converse with our clients in Arabic, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish.