How to Be a Strong Woman in Business

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International Women’s Day is coming up on March 8, and is the perfect time to reflect on the amazing achievements of women in business. As the number of women owned small companies and start-ups continues to skyrocket, below are some insights on how to be a successful and strong woman entrepreneur and tidbits to consider when starting your own business.

Find a great mentor. As a woman, it can be overwhelming to juggle family, personal and professional life. Find a mentor who has done it before and can help you navigate through stressful times and prioritize what’s important. Remember that it’s completely OK to not have it all, all the time.

Take some “me” time. You are going to be pulled in one million different directions as an entrepreneur. Make it a priority at least once a week to have an hour of zen in your life – maybe it’s yoga, or a brisk walk in the morning to your favorite coffee shop – just do something where you can take a breath and relax before the day gets chaotic.

Make networking a priority. It’s extremely important to not be complacent and always find new opportunities.  The old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is so important in business and helps you to stand apart from your competition. Events like BizOver, a biannual beauty and networking event, are perfect places to enjoy a social atmosphere, learn about beauty and wellness, which is important for balance, and meet likeminded entrepreneurs who you might be able to do business with in the future.  Always look to expand your network and help others do the same!

Don’t be afraid to take risks! Be confident in your decisions, even if they seem risky at times! Successful businesspeople are able to step outside the box and their comfort zone in order to push the business to new heights, bring in new customer,s or expand their teams. Whether its marketing or events or changing a product line – trust your gut and try something new every once in a while!

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