Small Business New Year’s Resolutions to Keep in Mind for 2016

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Come the holiday season, everyone is thinking of New Year resolutions to get them on the right track in January. But these types of goals shouldn’t just apply to your personal life if you are an entrepreneur! Below are some resolutions to keep in mind when planning for 2016.

Set the best example for your team. As an entrepreneur, you are your brand. If you want staff or customers to think or do things a certain way, then you need to set an example and do them yourself. Want to spread the word and interact more on social media? Then become a guru and share examples with the team to get them energized. Or, it could be something as simple as making it a point to be 15 minutes early to every staff meeting. What you do, and your attitude and behavior, are going to be what sets the tone in 2016.

Make social media more important. Whether it be a blog, updating the Facebook page on a more regular basis or joining Twitter or Instagram, make social a tool for your business to reach more customers, potential hires, and partners. This is one of the easiest ways to spread the word about what your business is up to and engage with your customer base – so make sure you spend 20 minutes a day checking it, updating it, and engaging to keep the steady flow of content.

Become an expert. Take some time to focus on personal branding this year and attend as many industry happy hours, speaking engagements and conferences as you can. You want people to know your name when it comes to topics on the field you focus on, so get out there, meet them, and show them your knowledgebase!

Take some personal time. Being an entrepreneur means dedication, and a majority of your time is spent doing something for the business, talking about the business and thinking about the business! Make sure you pencil in some more me or family time – it’s important to have balance to be successful in all facets of your life.

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