How to Build a Better Business? Nail down an idea, a team and a strategy.

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Meet one of Chicago’s Most Successful Custom Home Builders – RD Precision

Chicago is a competitive market, for any entrepreneur, but when you find your niche and capitalize on what you are known for, it’s possible to find great success. RD Precision, one of Chicago’s top custom builders known for creating some outstanding single family homes across the city and especially Lincoln Park, started during a time when many companies closed up shop.

“At the height of the recession, when jobs were scarce, a lot of people working in the construction business were focused on flipping properties. What I noticed was that there was a lack of new construction – which is what I have successfully focused my business on for the past five years,” said Rafal Stopa, RD Precision.

Entrepreneurs need to step outside the box and try to fill a void in the marketplace to find success. It is especially important to talk to people in the industry, and see where you can capitalize on your expertise and skills. In addition, Stopa stresses the important of referrals and making a name for yourself as an entrepreneur. “We’ve been working in one neighborhood for the past few years and have received many of our next projects from current clients or neighborhood referrals. It’s very important to not only do a good job, but make sure people know your name and the level of excellence you can deliver.”

Lastly, you need to build a good team. With real estate, relationships are the keys to success. You want to know that you can trust people not only coming to you with good deals, but have confidence on everything from legal documents, to closings, to sales.


“Lucas Fuksa has been a great partner to me and my business for nearly five years. The team at Fuksa Khorshid provides us with great advice when we need it, and helps guide us through everyday situations that arise that may have legal implications – which really saves us time in the long run.”


A good lawyer, real estate agent, and list of contractors are very important.


“Being an entrepreneur is all about taking a chance – you can’t go anywhere but up,” said Stopa.

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