American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Breakfast on May 9th

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We hope you will register for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women breakfast on Friday, May 9 at Miramar Bistro in Highwood, IL!

Event co-hosts Lema Khorshid and Anna Maria Viti-Welch (photographed here) were recently featured in the April 2014 issue of Sheridan Road magazine, highlighting their partnership with the American Heart Association and discussing why this campaign is so important for women. Please read the full article below or by visiting Sheridan Road Magazine.

Sheridan Road

Straight from the Heart

On April 5, 2013, Anna Maria Viti-Welch of Lake Forest had a mild heart attack. “I was shocked. I have a trainer, watch what I eat, and am not overweight. I just came back from a two-week vacation, where I walked four miles a day,” she explains. “A few days later it happened, and the reason for attack was one thing: stress.”

Viti-Welch was lucky. Not only was the heart attack mild, she had no surgery or procedures, and was told to simply change her lifestyle. As president of her company, it was hard for her to adjust, but she knew what had to be done. And is better now because of it.

Heart disease is the number-one killer in women, and Viti-Welch, along with her dear friend Lema Khorshid of Chicago, are partnering with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign to host an educational breakfast on Friday, May 9, at Miramar Bistro in Highwood. The event is not only aimed to educate, but provide a chance to surround fellow women with others whose lives have been touched by heart disease. “You will find yourself in a room full of women with huge hearts—philanthropic, well-networked, and kind, while you support a great cause, learn about heart healthy nutrition, and enjoy a delicious breakfast,” says Khorshid.

Viti-Welch and Khorshid sensed there was a strong desire to bring this knowledge and support to the women of the North Shore. “We wanted to spread the word and felt there is not enough educational resources available to women who have suffered with this disease that live here,” explains Viti-Welch. On the other side, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “Reaching out to others that have not been affected by heart disease to promote awareness will only help us get a handle on this problem.”

Khorshid’s father passed away from heart disease, so not only is she looking out for friends like Viti-Welch and her family, she is looking out for herself and her own future. “Go Red for Women is a way to educate women, who will in turn make positive changes,” explains Khorshid. “It’s a great way as women to get together to nurture our friendships, which after all, are good for the heart.” 

The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women North Shore Breakfast is on Friday, May 9, at Miramar Bistro in Highwood. Tickets are $100 and can by purchased by calling 312-476-6601, or visit

—Stacy Flannery // Photography by Jim Prisching

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