Managing Social Media

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If you own a business, even a small one, chances are you have an online presence. It could be something as simple as a website promoting your business and informing the public about the goods or services you offer. Or, it could be as complex as maintaining Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts; writing and posting blogs to your website; sharing content from other websites to drive people to your website; and, informing your target audience about important upcoming events for your company or in your industry.

Most small-business owners are, however, consumed with the daily demands of other, non-marketing related, aspects of running their business such that engaging in social networking to this extent seems overwhelming. For many there is simply not enough time to do both. Those that have the time will likely confront other social networking challenges like not really knowing what to say, when to say it, where to say it, and who, exactly, to say it to.
Where should a small-business owner turn for help? Hiring a social media guru could be a possibility. But, if hiring an employee to focus solely on social networking is not within your budget, you may consider turning to a free social media manager like Roost. Roost is one of an increasing number of free online social media management tools. Roost focuses on the dual challenges of lack of time and lack of knowledge.

Roost boasts that it allows users to spend less than twenty minutes a week on their social marketing efforts. It accomplishes this by providing businesses a template with content options to post on specific days throughout the upcoming week. Roost then posts the chosen content across various social networks automatically at the selected intervals. That still leaves the challenge of knowing what to say or share.

Roost suggests industry specific content for businesses to share with their followers. It keeps a continuously updating online library of articles relevant to different industries. Businesses can share pictures, post links to articles with comments, write their own snippets based on suggested articles, or share reminders about important upcoming events. As mentioned above, Roost takes care of the rest by automatically posting the chosen content throughout the week.
The popularity of social media makes it difficult for businesses to ignore. Businesses that choose to engage in social networking may find it both time consuming and confusing. If so, turning to online media managers like Roost could help them navigate their way.

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