Ex-host Mike Murphy sues CBS Radio

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Ex-host Mike Murphy sues CBS Radio
Courtesy Crains Chicago Business

(June 4, 2010) Former radio talk show host Michael “Mike” Murphy has sued CBS Radio East Inc. and New York-based Infinity Broadcasting Operations Inc. in Cook County court over what he alleges are illegal terms in the company’s employment contracts.
Mr. Murphy, who was on air with WSCR-AM ‘The Score’ until last summer and whose employment agreement ended last month, alleges in the May 28 lawsuit that geographic restrictions on where an employee can seek work 90 days before leaving CBS and six months afterward are prohibited by Illinois law.
An excerpt from his agreement included in the lawsuit says that he was not to enter into any agreements within 50 miles of the station unless he first offered his services under similar terms to the CBS station.
CBS Radio spokeswoman Karen Mateo declined to comment.
The lawsuit was filed as a class action on behalf of all Illinois CBS broadcast employees with such covenants working at the station since Jan. 1, 2002.
While the lawsuit didn’t specify damages, Murphy’s attorney, Lucas Fuksa, with Chicago-based Fuksa Khorshid LLC, said the damages would amount to millions of dollars. The class could extend to employees at other stations, he said.
“If people are in a similar situation, I would be willing to help them out, because situations like this are a flagrant disregard for Illinois law,” Mr. Murphy said.

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